Why Your HVAC is Leaking Water

We have all been there— water is starting to pool around your AC unit and you are wondering what your next move should be!

Don’t fret! We are here to help!

Although water pooling around your HVAC unit isn’t normal, it is a sign that you or a professional needs to fix the issue before further damage ensues. So if you experience a leaking HVAC, here is what may be the cause and some helpful advice:\

Why is my HVAC leaking water?!

First things first, as soon as you notice the pooling of water make sure you turn your unit off to protect the internal electrical system and to protect it from further damage (AKA: more repairs! No thanks!).

Next step is an understanding of why this might be happening. But first, let us explain how the water system works:

The inside of your AC unit has an evaporator coil that cools the air flowing through it. When that air hits the coil, the air’s moisture condenses on that coil. As water forms, it falls down into the drain pan and out of a condensate drain line. You should see the drain line exit point as a PVC pipe near your outside AC unit.

Why would that water begin to leak?

Bottom line is there are many factors that could lead to a water leak, but here are some common reasons:

Frozen Evaporator Coil:

Essentially, you will know this has happened if your AC is struggling to cool your home! This might be due to your evaporator coil freezing up, so when the ice begins to melt, it can cause water to overflow into the drain pan and/or onto your floor.

There are many reasons your coil could be freezing, but it is best to have this issue looked at as soon as possible. Give us a call if you need a second opinion or assistance to fix it!

A Clogged Drain Line:

It is common to see the drain line get clogged, especially during this time of season due to all the seasonal insects, dirt, air pollutants, even mold and other build up can happen over time to clog it, thus causing the water to back up!

Disconnected Drain Line:

That drain line we mentioned before? Yes, that can get disconnected over time or if something moves the unit. When disconnected that water will leak out in a messy way… instead of going where it is supposed to.

Broken Condensate Line:

Some AC units move the water from the drain pan to the drain line by way of a condensate pump. If there are any issues with the pump (which can happen over time) the water won’t be able to properly drain itself and can pool out into your home..

Broken or Rusted Drain Pan:

The drain pan is what holds the water before it gets drained, if the pan cracks, breaks or rusts out- it can begin to overflow and leak without opportunity to properly drain as well.

Most of these are common issues which cause an HVAC leak, but there are more or combined issues that might be happening as well. When trying to figure out the cause, keep these things in mind and reach out to a professional if you cannot find the root cause or fix it yourself. We are always happy to help!

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