Top Four Reasons to Schedule a Spring HVAC System Tune-Up

Although this spring season has so far been cool, wet, and overcast, the summer season is fast approaching. Temperatures this summer are expected to be hot.

Scheduling a spring HVAC system tune-up now is important for all homeowners.

It is a professional service that will catch any problematic issues early and minimize the potential negative impacts of an air conditioner breakdown. If you choose to skip preventative maintenance in the early spring season, you could put your air conditioning system at risk when you first turn it on and start running it for the season.

The benefits of your HVAC spring tune-up do not end there. Clients in Brampton should reach out to a local Brampton HVAC professional.

Benefits of a Spring HVAC System Check Up

1. Protects against wear and tear.
Your air conditioning system has many different components and parts! Over time, these parts can encounter natural wear and tear. When you have a professional conduct a system tune-up, you are also ensuring that your cooling system is performing at peak levels.

Your family will benefit from more comfortable temperatures and avoid unexpected or costly breakdowns.

2. Extends the life of your equipment.
Your well-maintained A/C unit will also give you more years of service.

Early replacement of A/C units due to neglect and infrequent maintenance is an often-overlooked reason to schedule time with a professional for a tune-up.

3. Reduces monthly energy costs.
Air conditioners which receive regular maintenance are also more energy efficient. This reduces the cost for you throughout the air conditioning season.

This is important given that 2019 is expected to be one of the hottest summer seasons on record!

4. Protects your equipment warranty.
Lastly, do not rely on your warranty to protect your air conditioning unit. Most air conditioner manufacturers require an annual HVAC system tune-up to validate equipment warranties.

If you do not schedule an annual tune-up, you may lose your warranty coverage.

Other Spring HVAC Maintenance Tasks

In addition to scheduling annual maintenance for your air conditioner, it is also important to cross some smaller tasks off your homeowner’s ‘to-do’ list.

To begin, change your air filter and set up a schedule to check on the air filter monthly during the summer. When you are regularly using your air conditioning, there is more pressure on the system and the filter will need more frequent replacement.

If you had a cover on your A/C unit over the winter months, remove it and check the area to be sure it is clear of debris. Grass, twigs, and other debris on your exterior unit can block necessary airflow.

Good airflow within the home is also a key component for your air conditioner in the summer months. Check all the vents in the home and that there aren’t any furniture items blocking the movement of air.

The professionals at Applewood are ready to help service your air conditioner as the summer season approaches! Give us a call today to find out how we can quickly and conveniently schedule you for a spring HVAC tune-up.

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