Water Heaters

For your water heater needs, Applewood Air Conditioning offers two great choices, each with its accompanying benefits. We’ll help you decide whether a tank (storage) or a tankless water heater is right for your home.

Mississauga, Oakville & GTA Hot Water Heaters​


Navien Condensing Tankless Water Heaters

Navien Premium Efficiency condensing tankless water heaters are the #1 selling high efficiency condensing tankless water heaters in North America. The NPE-2 series offers ultra-high efficiency up to 0.96 UEF to keep your utility bills low, endless hot water, and exclusive ComfortFlow® technology with a built-in recirculation pump and buffer tank.

Bradford White Water Heaters

When choosing a water heater, there’s a lot more to think about than just hot water. That’s why Bradford White puts a lot of thought into developing innovative products that deliver the performance and reliability homeowners want along with improved efficiency that saves you money by reducing your energy costs. And that’s good for you and the environment.

Bosch Greentherm T9800 SE 160

This flexible condensing high-efficiency low NOx gas tankless water heater is the first of its kind. It delivers endless hot water on demand, along with a user-friendly connected interface, easy installation, and best of all, peace of mind.

Rinnai RU199iN

Enjoy an endless supply of hot water with the SENSEI™ RU199iN Super High Efficiency Plus condensing tankless water heater from Rinnai. Only the size of a small suitcase, the natural gas RU199iN model is compact, easy-to-install and perfect for indoor locations.

The majority of hot water heaters are storage (tank) models. These insulated tanks can hold anywhere from 20 to 120 gallons, and can feature either electric heating elements or gas burners. The tanks stratify with hot water on the top, and the incoming cold water on the bottom, supplying consistently hot water until the hot water is depleted.

One of the most significant advantages of storage water heaters is that the heating elements can be quite small. Since a fairly large volume of water is stored, and and because the tank is stratified as hot water is drawn off, they can continuously supply hot water without a significant gas or electricity flow to heat the water.

On the downside, water storage tanks will persistently lose heat because in spite of the insulation, the difference in temperature across the insulated wall is significant.

Tankless water heaters were developed to address the issues of standby heat loss and running out of hot water. Tankless water heaters never run out of hot water, as long as the water heating capacity is capable of supplying the necessary hot water demands.

Tankless water heaters last on average about 10 years longer than tank heaters do, and in certain cases are more efficient, as there is no standby heat loss. They take up very little space, and can even be installed outdoors with an anti-freeze kit.

Some drawbacks for tankless units include the fact that they can be significantly more expensive than storage heaters at the outset, and may require additional, sometimes expensive parts.

Tankless gas-fired heaters also require somewhat larger burners than gas-fired tank heaters do. Electric tankless heaters also require a substantial current draw to heat a house, and the multiple breakers and the wiring required for these large current flows can also be expensive.

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