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The furnace is the heart of your home—out of sight, out of mind, and still keeping you and your family comfortable all year round.

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The furnace is the heart of your home—out of sight, out of mind, and still keeping you and your family comfortable all year round. Our quiet, energy-efficient furnaces are designed to provide warmth to keep you cozy in winter and to circulate clean, refreshing air from your cooling system in the summer.


This is the most advanced Carrier® furnace ever made. Its unique design innovations achieve unprecedented efficiency and quiet.


Backed by the intelligent Infinity control and a variable-speed blower, this two stage furnace will run in low stage up to 90% of the time.


The Performance 96 gas furnace is a two stage furnace, with a variable-speed blower motor and will run in low stage up to 90% of the time.

5 Quick Money-Saving Tips for Finding the Right Furnace

Save time and money, and reduce your environmental footprint, with these smart money-saving tips from Applewood Air Conditioning.

When it comes to a purchase as significant as a new furnace, it’s important to compare prices. But a low price doesn’t necessarily equal the best value. For instance, a higher efficiency system might cost more up front, but could save you money on the long run in energy costs. Over the life of your system, you could be saving significantly by paying a little more up front for the higher efficiency system.

Size matters. Your new furnace’s specs should fit your needs. Something too small won’t keep you warm during those chilly Ontario winters, and so many people wind up with a furnace that’s too big as a result. But an oversized unit not only costs more at the outset, it wastes energy (and money!) over time, creates more wear and tear on the system resulting in higher maintenance costs, and can cause temperatures to vary uncomfortably. Getting your furnace sized by by an Applewood professional means it will be just right for you, and for your home.

Professional furnace installation may be a little more costly at the outset, but over time it can save you up to 30% on repairs and service calls, and up to 50% on performance. Think about it: if it’s done right the first time, your service team won’t have to come back to fix mistakes, and your system will run better, too. From proper sizing to custom ductwork, our Applewood Air pros know what it takes to heat your home efficiently and consistently, all winter long.

Each furnace brand is different, and the fine print can vary significantly. Some warranties are simply more suitable for certain people’s home heating requirements than they are for others. We can help you choose the right brand for your needs, and make sure there are no unpleasant surprises down the road.

At Applewood Air Conditioning, we believe that every family deserves a warm, cozy home at a price they can comfortably afford. We offer a range of payment choices, from competitive monthly rental plans, to affordable financing and purchase options, all topped with professional installation and maintenance services and generous warranties. Whatever your budget, we can help keep your home comfortable, warm and safe, whatever this winter throws at us!

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