Thinking of building your dream home? Read this to start your HVAC planning process

Close your eyes. In your mind, picture walking down a long, smooth corridor with your hand lightly touching one of the walls.

This wall is part of a beautiful new home that you have just designed and constructed. Now open your eyes again and tell us – what does your dream home look like? What features make it perfect for you?

Here at Applewood Air, we have a long history of helping people build beautiful, functional homes complete with the latest HVAC technology. We know each stage of the build process intimately and are experts at working closely with the other trades involved to make it a smooth, efficient, low-stress process.

Each new home build requires extensive planning, navigating a project budget, and finally executing on the plan.

Today we are going to outline considerations that are important in planning an energy-efficient heating and cooling system for your new home build.


1. Consider the whole home system

Every house will function as a complete system. You want the air movement and HVAC components to perform in a unified and cohesive manner in your new home build.

Consequently, proper layout of ductwork and ventilation in the home is critical.

At Applewood Air, we have extensive experience in working with your HVAC designer to install the very best HVAC system for your unique project and budget.

We will take your project to the next level by also identifying opportunities for maximum home comfort. For example, we might identify that a heat recovery ventilator would greatly improve air quality and energy-efficiency in your new home.


2. Learn more about the different products available to you

These days, a new home build can be incredibly innovative and customized to your unique needs. We have an extensive line of products from leading manufacturers and can ensure that you have the best equipment out there.

For example, consider radiant heating systems in your new home. This installation will make you feel pampered every day of the winter months when you wake up and feel toasty warmth emanating from your floors!

Radiant in-floor heating distributes heat throughout the home at a very even, gentle temperature. It is compatible with most flooring types and can be a great feature for specific rooms.

Talk to us to learn more about this option!


3. Consider innovative systems for your home

Finding a reasonable balance between up-front cost investment and long-term energy savings is important during the process of a new home build.

When you are looking for a contractor to support you in this work, it is best to find someone who can walk you through every step of the process.

Consider the installation of a heat pump in a new home build as an example. You want to find someone who can help you pick out the right size and model heat pump for your home, as well as walk you through the pros and cons of different models.

Working with our experts at Applewood Air, you will feel comfortable with our depth of expertise. We can give you all the details on whether a certain system makes sense for your new property and how long the initial installation cost will take to be paid off by ongoing energy savings.

We cannot wait to work with you to build your new dream home! Give us a call today to learn more.

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