Thermostat Tips and Tricks for the Winter

As heating bills continue to rise, consumers find themselves contemplating what is more important: home comfort or manageable expenses? Canadian winters can be brutal and it is a great relief to go from the freezing cold into a warm and cozy home. However, it can be a challenge to find the balance between a hospitable atmosphere and one that causes excessive financial strain.

In the past, manually adjusted thermostats required a lot of guesswork and planning, but new automated ones have helped to eliminate this. Finding the ideal balance can still be tricky as everyone is different. However, to help with finding this balance, keep the following things in mind when deciding what temperature to set your thermostat to for the winter.

Warmer During the Day

Residents of a home can have very different ideas about what is a comfortable temperature during the winter months. Such disagreements can even expand into serious arguments, or “thermospats,” where people secretly turn up the heat.

When the question of room temperature arises, most cite 20 degrees Celsius as ideal for the average home or office setting. However, our body temperatures actually fluctuate during the day, so it is difficult to choose an exact number. The time of year and how we dress are also factors.

In general, you might want to keep your home somewhat warmer during the day. Experiment by altering the temperature by one or two degrees until you find the ideal that appeals the most to everyone.

Cooler in the Evening

Most would agree that we get our best quality sleep when we are warm under the covers. However, since we are in bed almost exclusively after the lights go off at night, there is no need to keep the house as warm. Use this part of the evening to save money as your body temperature also naturally drops at this point. Reducing the temperature to 16 or 17 degrees is not a huge drop, but it can save you a great deal of money in the long run. This along with other tips are what a local Oakville man cites as a reason for saving hundreds per year in heating bills.

Cooler When You are Away

Times you spend away from home can also be used to cut down on heating expenses. If you plan to be away for an extended period, put the temperature a bit lower during both the day and evening than you would normally. You also have the option of going even cooler, though your home will take a little time to warm up again to the temperature you prefer. Also, if you have plants or anything else adversely affected by overly cool temperatures, be conservative about changing the heating level too greatly.

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