Stop Running Your AC 24/7 and Save Money!

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Should we keep our AC on 24/7?

If we turn it on and off, is that effective or smart? Are there any money-saving benefits? These are questions we get all the time and we are here to give you a few helpful tips and tricks to treat your AC system well for optimal performance and how to save some dollars in the process!

So how can you be as efficient as possible with your AC for the remainder of the summer? You’d be surprised to hear that keeping it blasting 24/ 7 is not the most effective.

You can save energy, money and keep your unit in better shape by making a few smart adjustments!

  1. Set your AC to a higher temperature! Did you know that setting the unit to even a couple degrees higher can save you money on your overall hydro bill? There will be less wear and tear on your air conditioning unit as well which is not only energy conserving, but will save you money, especially if you turn it off during the nights.
  2. Open a window! As we mentioned opening a window and turning off your unit while you sleep- there are other times you can give your unit a rest too. Every now and again, for example if you leave the house for more than a few hours, turn off your AC open a couple windows and/or turn some fans on. It will circulate the air indoors, refresh your home and when you return you can turn your AC back on.
  3. Close vents in unused rooms. Another tip is to close vents in unused rooms. Just as you wouldn’t heat unused rooms in the winter, you shouldn’t cool unused rooms in the summer. You can do this by closing vents and doors to unused rooms. This save your AC from working too hard and keep valuable dollars in your pocket.

These are a couple ways you can use your AC unit in a sustainable way and save yourself some dollars as we finish up the rest of the summer season!
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