Pre-Spring HVAC Maintenance and Cleaning Tips and Tricks

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Although the snowflakes keep deciding to show up here and there— there is good news. Spring is on it’s way!

As a result, it’s the perfect time to start preparing your home to go from operating in the winter to welcoming warming weather (happily too, we may add)!

That means switching over from heating to cooling your home. All winter, your heater was working hard to keep the home warm and cozy- but now, that heater is preparing for a well deserved vacation! With that, it is time to re-awaken the air conditioning system out of it’s winter hibernation. Here are some tips to make sure this is a smooth process!

Take the AC for a “Pre-Spring” Whirl

In order to understand what is working and what might need some servicing- it’s a great idea to let your AC test a cool cycle in your home. Make sure you do this on one of those warmer days when the sun is out, so you don’t freeze yourself out. When the HVAC is running a cool cycle, watch for any of the following:

  • Strange noises (knocking or banging)
  • How long it takes to turn on, and off again
  • If it feels noticeably cooler in your home
  • Any odours or debris around the unit itself

Schedule Your Regular Pre-spring HVAC Maintenance and Cleaning

It is a good plan to schedule your routine HVAC maintenance inspection and cleaning to ensure everything is set to work properly in the warmer seasons to come. Also keep any notes from your AC test tun to tell your technician so they can inspect any problem areas or abnormalities.

Make Sure Your Air Ducts are Clean

It is also a great idea to ask your technician about an “air duct test” to see if they need to be cleaned. Cleaning will help remove dust, first, pollen, debris. toxins and anything else that can build up in the system. If not, those things can affect your HVAC systems efficiency, can increase energy use and therefore energy bills, can create a fire hazard or affect any allergies you might have.

Save Energy and Money- Check Your Thermostat

Double check that your thermostat is working properly. This will be very important when the warmer weather hits. If your temperature display matches the actual temperature in your home you will avoid having a mismatched setting which can incur extra costs unnecessarily. Believe it or not, a 1-2 degree difference (mismatch) can affect your bill at the end of the month.

Anyone else looking forward for spring to come and stay?? Warmer days are on the way!!!

If you need to schedule your routine HVAC maintenance or cleaning service, Contact Us to set up a time that works best for you.

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