Indoor Air Quality During the Winter Months

When the winter weather strikes, and we begin to crank the furnace to keep warm, there might be some noticeable changes to your indoor air quality.

The air, as you may have noticed in the winter, is dry! That dry air affects your indoor air quality. It’s great to turn the heat up during the winter months, but it can dry you out, literally! A great tool to ease that dryness is to start using a humidifier (or to break it out again). Here are some benefits that come with using a humidifier.



1.Breathing Easier! Moisture helps to prevent the movement of germs, thus preventing the spread of airborne pathogens which can cause illness or irritate the sinuses (especially for individuals with allergies). This is particularly important for our Oakville and Mississauga customers.

2.Preventing Dry Skin. Dry air and conditions tend to pull moisture from our bodies, resulting in dry and sometimes itchy skin. Running that humidifier adds moisture to the indoor air, keeping moisture in your skin.

3.Sleeping Better. That same environment that makes your skin dry, can dry out your throat, resulting in more snoring. A humidifier will soothe your entire body and help you to sleep more peacefully.

4.Increased Savings! A humidifier keeps more moisture in the air, making the air feel warmer meaning you don’t have to increase the temperatures as high in the house. With the thermostat at a lower temperature, that conserves energy which can save you money on heating bills throughout the season.


If you are experiencing the frustrations that come with a drier indoor air quality, try your humidifier to help! If you don’t have one but would like to invest in one, we can help you find the brand, model & size that’s best for you. Connect with one of our experts at 1-800-487-7307. We’ve got quality products backed by 30+ years of honest and friendly service.

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