What to expect when you’re building your dream home

Are you expecting – to build your dream home soon? Bringing this new vision into reality is a process often filled with mystery. This is particularly true if you have never built a home before.

You will have to make many different decisions. Having a supportive, responsive, and expert team to work with can reduce your stress and anxiety throughout the process. We are happy to support you with our dedicated Applewood team from rough-in to startup.

Let’s take a look at the general steps involved in building your dream home.


1. Designing your new home

To kick off the planning process, you will begin with exploring your unique ‘why’ for building your own home. Is it to create a space where you can enjoy more meaningful moments with your family? Or is it a long-term investment which can contribute to your financial future?

You will want to work with your custom home builder to explore this vision. The big-picture vision will help to keep you motivated through all the decisions to come.


2. Receiving the necessary permits and approvals

You will have to receive approval on all aspects of your home’s design from local building officials. This will incorporate your home’s site plan, construction approach, HVAC design, energy analysis, and roof loading information.


3. Excavation of the site and pouring foundation

Breaking the ground on the site of your new home is a thrilling moment. This involves removing trees, rocks, and debris from the site. The ground will be levelled, and a hole dug for the foundation of your new home.

At this stage, you will also see crews hooking up city water and sewer services to your building. Concrete poured for the foundation will need to be inspected and approved before the building process can continue.


4. Framing, mechanical and installation

Framing of your new home will pull together the floor systems, wall structures, and roof systems. This is the point at which your building will start to resemble your future home.

It’s also an exciting moment for us here at Applewood Air. This is when we get hands-on with our technical experts. Working with your HVAC designer, we will install the very best HVAC system for your custom home build.

We know that building a new home requires a great deal of organization and planning. That is why we aim to make the furnace, air conditioner, and air quality system installation process as effortless as possible for both you as a homeowner as well as all the other trades involved.

You can also rest assured knowing that Applewood Air is fully licensed and insured. Our installations and inspections are compliant with Ontario building code. Plus, we have well-trained and certified staff experienced with a wide range of system configurations.

We offer field-supervised quality control inspections on every project. You will receive real-time job status updates from our scheduling department throughout each phase of the project.


5. Installation of insulation and drywall – plus the interior finishes!

After the HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems are installed in your new home, the insulation and drywall will seal these systems in. Once you have gotten these in place, your new home is nearing completion.

This is when your builder’s crew will install interior finishes such as baseboards and cabinets. You might also have a finishing coat of paint added to your home’s new walls.


After a long and exciting process, stepping through the front door of your new custom build home can result in feelings of euphoria and accomplishment. Here at Applewood Air, we love to share in your moment of completing a new custom home build because we take immense pride in the work that we do.

Get in touch with us to see your project built right, on time, and on budget!

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