This is how homes are getting smarter and more energy efficient all around the world

What do you think about when you hear the words ‘smart home technology’? Do you envision a futuristic scenario along the lines of The Simpsons episode, Ultrahouse 3000, in which the house almost seems to gain sentience? Or do you picture an efficient and friendly house installed with an electric garage door opener and pre-programmable coffee machine?

If you were thinking of the latter scenario, you’re on the right track.

Home automation systems are nothing new, and the ability to program or activate elements of these systems have been around for many years.

What are smart home technologies?

Smart homes offer their inhabitants the convenience of interconnected systems, such as heating, cooling, security, lighting, and entertainment, which can be controlled through a single interface.

Devices which communicate with our smart homes are at the heart of this endeavor. For example, Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home both give you the option of voice-based automation in the home. Apps on your phone allow you to control security systems in the home, lock or unlock doors, turn off lights, and start small appliances.

Worried that you forgot to turn off the lights when you go away on vacation, or need to unlock the doors for a family member at the last minute? You can address these challenges and more when you’ve got smart home technologies installed. These devices allow you as the homeowner to quickly, securely, and remotely access different elements of your home.

Smart home heating and cooling

When it comes to your heating and cooling systems, smart home thermostats can help to automate the process of heating and cooling the home according to a pre-set schedule or to more specific factors such as whether a room is occupied. The technology will learn your behavior and adjust the temperature of a space to balance comfort with reduced energy consumption.

Smart thermostats also allow you to regulate energy usage at peak demand times.

Consumers with an interest in seeing their usage history can easily access this information from their smart thermostat. Knowing when you’re using energy, how much you’re using, and what it costs can empower you to use energy more efficiently.

Although the era of smart home technologies is an exciting one, it can also feel overwhelming at times. There is a lot of new technology available on the market and as a homeowner, it can be tough to know which one best fits your needs!

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