This is How a Fireplace Could Change Your Home’s Interior in 2020

‘Later on

We’ll conspire

As we dream by the fire’

These lyrics in the classic holiday song, Winter Wonderland, suggest how magical and peaceful that a fireplace can be. Have you been considering getting a fireplace for your home? Fireplaces add additional warmth and a feeling of coziness to a space. They can also function as beautiful design accents.

Plenty of exciting interior design trends are on the horizon for fireplaces. It’s time to start dreaming about your fireplace – so that you can dream by the fireplace all winter long! Learn how your home’s interior can benefit from all that is to come.

Trend #1: Focus on the Fireplace.

In 2020 and beyond, the fireplace will take center stage. Any room in your house can benefit from added depth and texture from a fireplace. This includes attractive mantels and interesting hearth accents.

Fireplaces in the new year will also have a larger viewable area to provide a sense of elegance and prestige. Consider how this could enhance the look of your open-concept kitchen or family room.

Our Napoleon Fireplaces offer industry-leading standards, innovation, and technology created from years of working directly with customers. Read the top four ways that your house could be transformed by a fireplace in this Napoleon blog post.

Trend #2: Large, Linear Look for Fireplaces.

Yes, in 2020 – bigger is better will be the motto for fireplaces coming onto the market. Linear will also be an extremely popular style for these large, contemporary gas fireplaces. Linear fireplaces offer versatility within different types of interior design styles.

With the continuous improvement of fireplace technology, there is increasing versatility to how the fireplace is positioned alongside other design features. For example, you can bring a classic living space up-to-date with a sleek, linear interior fireplace positioned below a TV built into the wall. This clean, classic look can be applied to the decor of most living rooms.

Trend #3: Fresh, Flexible Fireplace Placement.

Forget the barriers with fireplaces of old! Increasingly, fireplaces are coming out with new technology to transfer heat away from the wall and into the home. This requires less focus on adding heat-resistant materials such as brick, stone, or tile around the fireplace itself.

This growing innovation can allow you as a homeowner to apply any finishes, such as wood or wallpaper, near the fireplace. It also means that you can get creative with adding art or TV’s directly above the fireplace.

Plus, the size of your living space is less important than ever to the interior design you create with your fireplace. Read how even a small space can be transformed by an electric fireplace in this Napoleon blog post.

Here at Applewood, our team can give you the smart tips and helpful recommendations that will accelerate the beauty of your interior space. Our certified technicians also carry years of experience and can ensure that your next home renovation project is done right.

Call us to find out more about our interior fireplace products to elevate the beauty, coziness, and inspiration of your home’s interior living space.

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