Outdoor BBQ Safety Tips for Your Summer Grilling

Outdoor grilling can be a source of tasty enjoyment for the entire family. However, safety should come first when working with a gas BBQ!

These safety tips will give you insight on how to properly use, clean, and maintain your barbecue. It is important to cultivate good habits and keep an eye out for potential problems. A well-maintained barbecue will cook a better-quality meal. It will also last longer – up to 15 years or more.

Find out what you need to do to maintain perfect grilling safety in your backyard this summer season.

Your Summer BBQ Safety Tips

1. Do an inspection of the barbecue before you begin.

It is important to check over your barbecue to confirm that there aren’t any debris, leaks, or grease build ups. This is particularly important if you have not used the BBQ in some time. Clear away cobwebs from the burner openings, checking that the connections are tight.

Inspect the BBQ to confirm that there aren’t any blocked burners or metal tubes near the burners; that the fittings and hoses are tightly sealed and undamaged; and that none of the seals are damaged. If you need to check for leaks, simply fill a spray bottle with water and a few tablespoons of dish soap. Spray this mixture all along the hose and connections. If any bubbles appear, that is a sign of a leak.

Be sure to replace these parts immediately.

2. Situate your BBQ for perfect safety.

Never bring your BBQ into the house or other covered structure such as a garden shed or garage. Often, this is an approach that people take when it is raining heavily but the limited ventilation in these spaces is dangerous. There is the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning. Make sure that your BBQ is 60 cm away from doors and windows of your home – this will ensure that there aren’t any fumes entering the house.

Additionally, propane is a heavy gas that does not vent readily. It can build up and stay trapped at ground level, where it can combust. This also means that it is important to barbecue with the cover open. Otherwise, gas might build up unexpectedly!

3. Never leave your BBQ lonely.

Do not leave your BBQ unattended while you are cooking.

Also, it’s important to check over the barbecue grill and brush right before you start cooking your tasty meal. Ensure that the metal bristles from the brush have not become loose and stuck to the grill. The bristles can stick to food and could be accidentally swallowed, causing serious throat or digestive injuries.

4. Wrap up your BBQ cooking experience completely.

When you have finished barbecuing, shut off the gas valve and let the gas remaining in the connecting hose burn off. Close the burner controls. This allows gas in the line to burn off.

Read more barbecue safety tips on the Government of Canada website here.

Other BBQ Safety Tasks

Your propane tanks also require proper care and maintenance. They have a maximum life span of 10 years and then need to be replaced. When transporting your propane tank, make sure that it stays in an upright position with the safety valve on the top. Transport it securely on the floor of your car and keep the windows open.

Never leave a propane cylinder in a parked car with the windows up.

These safety tips will help to ensure that you have a tasty and relaxing summer barbecuing experience!

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