Nurturing innovation and service excellence through the Rosehaven Discovery Home build in Holland Landing

Innovation and service excellence have always been two core tenets of our work here at Applewood Air. Over our 48 years in business, we have been proud to demonstrate leadership in the industry through adaptations to ongoing changes. Amidst our continual striving for progress, we also stand true to our solid, old-fashioned values and remain a family-run business.

What does progress look like for our team and community of loyal customers?

When George Gronwall first started the business in 1970, he very quickly identified a few key business practices which would help to keep our work on the cutting-edge while still exceeding customer expectations. For example, he set up an in-house metal shop to allow us to order materials in bulk, customize systems, and use scrap to make cleats and dampers. This ultimately saved customers time and money.

More recently, we have demonstrated our impact as a company in the world of sustainability. Our customers are always excited to know that we can offer them installation of radiant floor heating, tankless water heaters, and HEPA filters. On an individual level, these installations offer many benefits – radiant systems, for example, are 30 percent more efficient than forced air.

In August 2018, we were also honoured to be a part of a complete home build at the Rosehaven Discovery Home in Holland Landing. We were instrumental in the installation of all HVAC equipment, ductwork, and gas distribution systems for the home. Impressively, this home comes in 26 percent above the current building code energy efficiency standards.

The Ontario Building Code was revised in 2017 to introduce 15 percent more efficiency into new builds than the previous codes adopted in 2012 – so you can imagine how much more efficient the Rosehaven Discovery Home will be from day-to-day for its occupants!

The current building code rules prescribe the use of specific materials and systems for builders which save customers money and improve home comfort over the long-term. For example, the building must have continuous insulation on the outside of walls with a higher R-value. This increases air tightness. Another important system embedded in these rules is Heat Recovery Ventilators (HRVs). HRVs recover waste heat that escapes through ventilation systems, such as in bathroom exhaust fans. This reduces the risk of mould and removes humidity in buildings which are increasingly more airtight.

As we helped to meet and exceed these basic energy efficiency requirements in the Rosehaven Discovery Home, we know that it will stand as an example of excellence in home comfort and reduced energy bills. For our work on the Rosehaven Discovery Home, the mayor of East Gwillimbury presented us and the other trades and suppliers involved with the Energy Efficiency certificate.

Nothing makes us happier than demonstrating our commitment to our customers and community through progressive, innovative projects. If you have an HVAC concern or a more extensive renovation planned for your home, we would love to hear from you! Give us a call today for advice you can trust.

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