Imagine your home with smart automation

Technology offers us many benefits and advantages at home and work. For homeowners, smart home devices invite new opportunities for increased safety, energy efficiency, and comfort.

For example, smart security systems are sold as kits and can be easily installed by the homeowner. Unlike traditional security systems, they are within the homeowner’s control to operate. Homeowners can manage all aspects of the security system directly from their smart phone.

It is becoming increasingly common for smart home devices to connect with each other through a ‘smart home hub’. This new level of home automation means that your appliances, locks, sliding doors, pet feeder, home comfort system, and more can communicate and act as a single system.

This means that you can control all aspects of your home while you’re away. It also affords you the opportunity to save money and have a more comfortable home environment.

How can smart home automation reduce my monthly energy bill?

In a traditional home environment, lights can be accidentally left on. Thermostats can be left at temperatures which do not meet the needs of the home’s occupants.

Smart home automation offers several advantages. If you automate your lights to turn on and off at certain times, you do not have to worry about wasted light and unnecessary energy charges. You can also remotely change these settings at any time – for example, when you’re away on vacation – which can greatly increase your home security. This might have implications for your monthly home insurance premiums.

Smart thermostats can also allow you to remotely control temperatures using your smartphone or tablet. These devices monitor and learn your habits and behaviours. They can then adjust your home’s temperature automatically. This contributes to less energy waste and increases the comfort for everyone in your home.

What do I need to know when considering smart home technology?

The era of smart home technologies is an exciting one. However, it can often feel overwhelming.

Many of the smart home devices come as a kit and are wirelessly connected and powered. Homeowners still need to navigate considerations around set up and maintenance of these devices. Depending on what you need from this system and how comfortable you are with technology, this can either be an easy task or a difficult one!

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