Hot Water Boiler Maintenance- Winter Checklist

It is winter in Canada, which means we are here to make sure you and your home are fully prepared to stay warm this season. Today’s Checklist is all about your hot water boiler.

Boiler Inspection

To keep your hot water boiler up to par, have your heating unit inspected every year, typically recommended in the fall, for any necessary repairs. An inspection can involve cleaning the vents, tightening fittings and inspecting gas lines.

Check Boiler Filters

Another way to maintain your boiler heating system in the winter is by keeping the air filters of the unit clean and free of anything that can block the heat. Dirt buildup can overheat the system and prevent efficient operation. Check your filter monthly before it has the chance restrict your heat during the coldest months of the year.

Don’t Close the Vents

Be sure that you do not close your boiler heating system’s registers. Vents, also called registers, should not be closed. This can help divert heat to some rooms but not all. It’s recommended that registers should not be opened more than 20 percent. If all of your registers are closed, you may notice a significant change in temperature during the winter months. Your boiler will not be able to maintain the heat evenly if your registers are not properly set.

Check which boiler system you have, then find the right heating professional to help you maintain your boiler throughout the winter season. Regular maintenance can keep the cold outside and also keep you and your family safe inside. Let us know if you have any questions or concerns that come up throughout the winter months.

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