Here’s what you need to know when buying a new furnace

A major home purchase can be a reason to ‘get curious’ and learn more about the unique needs of your home and family.

When you are considering purchasing a new furnace, there are many questions that you should ask of your HVAC expert. For example, they can help you understand the warranty coverage for the model unit. Read a full list of four questions to explore on our blog here.

One line of investigation should also address the type of brand that you choose based on its energy efficiency rating. Let’s look at the premium furnace brands we carry here at Applewood.

A Note about Energy Efficiency Ratings

The Government of Canada has programs in place to help consumers understand the energy efficiency of their furnace.

EnerGuide is one such guideline. You will see the EnerGuide label on products as an indicator of how much energy the product uses (Natural Resources Canada, 2019).

The EnerGuide label gives insight into the AFUE/SEER rating, EE or FE rating, or a scale for similar models. Read our blog post on what these fuel efficiency ratings mean here for further information.

Premium Furnace Brands

1. Lennox
Lennox offers consumers a high standard of reliability and efficiency. Although the initial cost of the furnace is higher than some other brands, customers find that their investment is offset by savings on their energy bills.

All Lennox models exceed the Canadian energy efficiency minimum of 92% AFUE. These furnaces also incorporate SilentComfort™ Technology. This minimizes the sound of the unit and can greatly benefit homeowner comfort.

2. Carrier
Carrier as a company has long been a leader in the world of home heating solutions. A Carrier furnace is rated by consumers as being extremely reliable and contributing to substantial energy savings.

Carrier furnaces also offer consumers a diversity of features to achieve optimal home comfort. The focus for each unit is consistent comfort throughout the home.

These furnaces offer technology options such as:

  1. Greenspeed Intelligence™, which adapts the furnace output to the needs of your home using a modulating gas valve.
  2. Ideal Humidity System™, which lets you control your home’s humidity. This includes the Smart Evap™ feature to reduce home humidity by 10%.


These furnaces are ideal for homeowners seeking a high level of comfort and energy efficiency.


3. Napoleon
The Napoleon brand furnaces are designed and manufactured in North America.

These units offer good value for consumers alongside a 10 year and 15-year unit replacement warranty coverage for three out of four of their furnace model series.

Consumers can be sure to find a perfect fit for their home’s needs with the range of energy efficiency options available with this brand.

These furnaces additionally provide consumers with a good level of control over their home heating system and quieter furnace operation noise. Their advanced manufacturing incorporates technology such as the Vortex™Turbulator and WHISPER QUIET™ Operation.

At Applewood, we have been providing Ontarians with the absolute best in air conditioning and heating service for almost five decades. The mission of our family-owned and operated service is to help consumers attain maximum home comfort and energy efficiency while keeping costs to a minimum.

Contact our knowledgeable team today to learn more about how we can help you meet your home comfort goals.

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