Get a Fireplace this Fall

They say all good things must come to an end, but while the summer heat draws to a close, you can keep the heat going with a new home fireplace. Sure, it’s not quite the same as the sun’s glorious rays on the beach, but a fireplace keeps the home nice and toasty as the temperatures begin to dip.

Fireplaces have modernized since they first began appearing in homes. Fireplaces are no longer responsible for heating an entire house like they once were, a la Little House on the Prairie style, but they are still used to provide heat in rooms. Applewood Air Conditioning uses Napoleon fireplaces as our fireplace provider, with a wide range of gas and electric fireplaces to choose from.

Gas Versus Electric Fireplaces

How do you decide between gas and electric fireplaces? Well, a good part of this decision comes from how your home is designed. The main difference between these fireplaces is that gas fireplaces typically need to be vented while electric fireplaces do not.

There are two types of gas fireplaces available on the market—there are gas fireplaces that have direct vent and gas fireplaces that need to be vented through an existing chimney. With direct vent fireplaces, all that you need is a way for gas to either through a roof or an outer wall. A direct vent system takes in cool air from the outdoors to help combustion (re: makes fire) and the inner chamber exhausts out fumes. A constant loop is created with cold, dense air coming in and hot air going out from combustion. Direct venting systems have much cooler combustion gas so the air is able to vent safely through a pipe, making it versatile for almost any room in the home.

In a traditional gas fireplace, ventilation is also needed, however, this ventilation goes through a chimney. A gas fireplace insert is chosen for both masonry style fireplaces (those with brick and stone) and for zero-clearance fireplaces (fireplaces that can be placed close to combustible products because of its low heat). Vented log sets can be added into gas fireplaces that resemble the real-deal without the hassle and soot!

But if venting and chimney talk has you second-guessing getting a fireplace, there is always the option to house an electric fireplace. All you need for an electric fireplace is an electrical outlet and a bit of imagination in reorganizing your room of choice to fit the fireplace in! Electric fireplaces deliver a visual delight, mimicking the same flames as wood burning and gas fireplaces, without the maintenance and cleaning of other fireplaces. You can even get electric fireplaces that burn flames in alternating colours like blue and amber. And if you’re not ready to say goodbye to summer nights just yet, another option is to get an outdoor fireplace that will carry you through the early Fall months.

A Fireplace For the Outdoors

An outdoor fireplace is a great solution to enjoying outdoor spaces as the temperature changes between the summer and fall. Outdoor fireplaces are designed to withstand Canadian weather (we’re talking rain, snow and shine) and look great each year. Outdoor fireplaces are designed to be with gas use and come in zero-clearance options. Keep the heat going as the nights cool off by installing an outdoor fireplace with Applewood.

If you’re ready to turn up the heat indoors or outdoors, contact Applewood Air Conditioning. Our team of fireplace experts can help you choose a fireplace that will meet your needs and keep you cozy this fall!

The professionals at Applewood have been providing Ontarians with the absolute best in air conditioning and heating service for almost five decades. The mission of our family owned and operated service is to help consumers attain maximum home comfort and energy efficiency, while keeping costs to a minimum. Contact our knowledgeable team today to learn more about how we can help you meet your home comfort goals.

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