Furnace Not Working this Winter? Try These Four Checks Before You Call in the Professionals

Winter has arrived early this season to southwestern Ontario. How is your heating system responding to your home comfort needs?

Unfortunately, a lack of maintenance or an older furnace can sometimes result in ‘no heat’ emergency repair needs. This is where our team here at Applewood Air can respond quickly to your needs with sensible rates, same day service, and extensive expertise.

What should you do before you pick up the phone to call in the experts? Here are several quick checks to perform to save you time and money.

Our Top Tips for What to Check Before Calling a Professional

1. Power Switch

This is the first and most obvious item to check off your to-do list.

Ensure that the switch is turned to the ‘ON’ position before making a service call. A switch in an odd location in the home may be subject to being accidentally switched off!

2. Furnace Filter

We always encourage our customers to replace their furnace filters three or four times per year.

A dirty filter can cause the furnace to shut down. Avoid an unnecessary service call by performing preventative maintenance on your furnace regularly.

3. Your Thermostat

In some cases, your thermostat can be the culprit for a poorly-performing furnace. Your thermostat should be set to the correct temperature and functioning properly.

If it is battery powered, it may need a new set of batteries installed. Save yourself the hassle of a service call if it isn’t needed, and always check your thermostat thoroughly before giving us a call.

4. Furnace Breaker

Last, but certainly not least, the circuit breaker is a safety device that turns off your furnace if needed. This could be due to an over-amperage event, in the case of a short to the ground, or if the equipment needs to be serviced.

Look for the specific tripped breaker by locating the breaker that goes with your unit. Confirm that it is still ‘ON’. You can do so by switching it off and turning it back on again.

This will give you a good sense of whether or not your furnace breaker is the cause of your furnace woes.

These quick tips will help you to avoid calling in the pros when they are not needed.

If these quick tips do not resolve your concerns with your furnace, a certified HVAC technician can help to diagnose and remedy the problem correctly.

Here at Applewood Air, we can assist you with fast and helpful service for all of your home comfort needs. Call us at 1-800-487-7307 for the support you need!

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