Fireplace Inserts and Ideas for Winter

Who doesn’t love feeling warm and cozy with a fireplace inside during the cold winter months!? Well, today we are coming at you with various fireplace inserts supplied by Applewood and Pinterest ideas to make yours look spectacular!

How Does a Gas Fireplace Insert Work?

Gas Fireplace Inserts are inserted directly into an existing open fireplace to replace your drafty and inefficient masonry or zero-clearance fireplace. This makes them the perfect solution for improving your heating efficiency for a warmer, cozier home. Napoleon Inserts come in a variety of modern and traditional styles, to coordinate with the decor of your home.

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Once you have selected a fireplace insert for your home, there are a number of ideas you can pull from Pinterest for design inspiration that supports our Napoleon line. Dress up your Fireplace Insert this season with some of these DIY Pinterest ideas.

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