Eat, Sleep, Repeat in the Heat: Tips to Stay Cool at Home this Summer

Summer is here and a heat wave is in full effect for Southwestern Ontario. This year, many of us are finding ourselves at home more often.

If you are looking for ways to eat, sleep, and exercise in a safe and healthy way at home (despite the heat!) – look no further. We are going to take you through some tips and tricks for keeping a cool head in the heat wave.

Let’s get started with what you’re eating this summer!

Keep Cool Eating Habits

What you put into your body is important when the mercury is rising. First, consider that your body can lose between two to two and a half litres of fluid a day through bodily functions like sweating and breathing.

Water is healthy and if you’re drinking from the tap, it’s free. A common recommendation is to eat six or eight 250 ml (8 fl oz.) of water or other fluid every day (see this HealthLinkBC article). This changes depending on your pre-existing health, how active you are, and more, so be sure to consult a medical professional if you have questions.

Some foods also help with our hydration levels. Certain vegetables and fruits are very high in their water content, such as strawberries, cucumbers, celery, lettuce, and melon (see this BBC GoodFood article).

It is common for our bodies to feel less hungry in hot temperatures. Eating foods with less protein, sugar and fibre and more water can be a good optional for helping stay hydrated in hot temperatures.

Sleeping Conditions During a Heatwave

Your body temperature and sleep cycle are related. Research suggests that our best sleep conditions are between 60 and 67 degrees (see this Lennox article).

A higher temperature in our homes tells our body that it’s not time to sleep yet. Typically, our core body temperature drops to a lower level during sleep.

Our team of home comfort experts can help you with your air conditioning needs and questions during this hot season! We also have a few tips that will help you to cool off and have a fulfilling sleep:

  • Close your blinds during the day to keep the sunshine out.
  • Set up a fan by your bed or install a ceiling fan.
  • Take a cool shower before bed.
  • Sleep on a cooling mattress pad.

See this article for more tips.

Also, consider how your behaviours influence your body temperature. Eating a heavy meal right before bed may be tough on your body as it works to keep cool. Consider also exercising earlier in the day, a topic which we cover next.

Exercising During a Heatwave

Exercising in the heat benefits from planning! Plan to work out earlier on a hot day to avoid increasing your body temperature right before bed. (You might also motivate yourself by planning to run to a fun destination, like a coffee shop).

Hydration is also critical. The warmer the temperatures, the higher the likelihood of dehydration. Consume water before, during, and after your workout on a hot day.

Keeping your workouts short is also beneficial. High-intensity interval training (known as HIIT), can reduce the amount of time that you’re out in direct sunshine or keep you active while you stay cool in your air-conditioned home.

With the heat wave in full effect here in Ontario, it’s important to find effective ways to stay cool at home. We hope that these tips on how to eat, sleep, and exercise safely have given you a good starting point for this goal!

Our team of trained HVAC professionals can support you with all of your home air conditioning needs this summer. Don’t hesitate to give us a call with any questions!

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