An important spring-cleaning message for your furnace room

If you’re feeling the spring energy and cannot wait for the flowers to start poking up in your garden, we are with you!

As this warm new season approaches, we have an important mindset for you to bring to your spring cleaning at home. We apologize in advance, as this task will be neither fun nor exciting for you to plan and act on. However, we cannot understate its importance!

Furnace rooms are among the most neglected in the house. Often, they are a place where you store old sports equipment or miscellaneous items which do not quite fit elsewhere in the house.

However, these rooms require attention and could pose a safety risk if proper precautions aren’t taken. Leaving materials leaning against your furnace unit could also impact its functionality.

What safety measures should you have top-of-mind while spring cleaning in your furnace room?

1. Keep it tidy and be careful of your storage choices.

It is important that you not store paints, solvents, gasoline, or other flammable materials too close to your furnace. These items should be stored in outdoor storage facilities, like your garage or a backyard shed.

Cleaning or laundry products may be stored in the furnace room but should be stored in airtight containers.

If your furnace room doubles as storage or laundry room, don’t hang laundry or clotheslines from your equipment. This poses a fire hazard and can impact airflow of the unit.

2. Make sure the room is accessible and has proper airflow.

Do not obstruct entry and access ways to your furnace room. Maintenance and service work could become a big problem if you need this urgently! Keep it clear of clutter.

Your furnace room may be a place you do not want to spend much time. However, it’s important to vacuum and clean around the furnace from time to time. This will reduce dust buildup and ensure that there are not any items obstructing how well your equipment runs.

Furnaces and hot water heaters are powered either by electricity or fossil fuels like oil, propane, or natural gas. This makes it vital that you leave space for proper ventilation in the room where your furnace lives.

Keeping your furnace room clean will be a safety benefit for you and your family! Not only will you be able to remove any hazardous materials from the room and keep it accessible for proper maintenance, you will be able to easily check on it in circumstances where you may need to troubleshoot a problem before calling your trusted Applewood technician.

For all of your home comfort questions, our team is ready to be of service to you and your family! Contact us any time with questions about your furnace or air conditioning units.

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