3 Tips for Having a Healthy Fall At Home

Fall can be a delicious and inviting season. You may gather with family and friends to enjoy tasty treats like pumpkin pie and turkey dinner at Thanksgiving. Leaves turn brilliant colors in your yard, with cool and crisp temperatures that invite you out for evening walks.

That said, these months also have reduced sunlight, causing us to experience feelings of lowered mood or even depression. There tend to be more cold and flu viruses that we catch in the colder months of fall.

How can you enjoy all the delightful fall offerings at home with family, without the downsides? We’re happy to bring you some tips on this very topic, which are bound to make a huge difference in your days.


Modify your home environment based on the seasons.

The first tip we recommend for switching things up at home in the fall season is to leave your curtains open and turn off your internal lighting.

In the fall, it can be easy to become disconnected from our body’s natural rhythms by turning on artificial lights and blocking out sunshine. Getting back in tune with the darker days in the fall is actually healthy for our mood and body. Try to work by a window with natural light and make sure that you turn off electronics at least one hour before bedtime.

Secondly, we also recommend that you set up an outdoor experience at home. Try adding a fire pit to your patio. Sitting outside on a crisp fall evening will do wonders for your body’s health and your mind.


Tidy, tidy, tidy!

If you have let things get a little bit dusty and dirty over the course of the summer months, fear not. Fall is the perfect time to roll up your sleeves and make clean this mess.

Sitting near a bright, clean window is bound to make anyone smile. Take some time to clean your windows inside and out.

Doing a thorough cleaning for the interior of your home can also help to reduce dust creating reduced air quality in your home over the course of the coming winter months. This might also include decluttering certain parts of your home, like closets.

Think of how refreshed and prepared this will make you feel come Christmas time!


Turn down the sound (and electronics).

Did you know? It is stressful for our bodies to be exposed to repetitive noises. If your home is a place of loud, repetitive noise, it may be time to find a way for the sound to stop. You could also consider purchasing a white noise machine to help you sleep overnight.

Lastly, it can be tempting to spend more time on your electronics during the winter months. While time on your laptop, tablet, or phone is fine in shorter quantities – investing too much time into these can hurt our mental health.

Instead, experiment with a new hobby or try reading a book. Either can help you relax and get good sleep regularly!

These three tips will help you to enjoy all the wonderful things that fall has to offer, without experiencing as many of the downsides. If you have any further questions about getting the most out of your home comfort systems during the colder fall and winter months, we are happy to help! Give us a call at 1-800-487-7307.

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